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Medical Inadmissibility

Refused Based on Medical Inadmissibility?

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act provides the three health grounds for medical inadmissibility:

  • danger to public health
  • danger to public safety
  • excessive demand on health or social services

Have you been refused based on medical inadmissibility? Have you received a procedural fairness letter? At BLG we specialize in solving and arguing a wide variety of medical inadmissibility cases.

Fairness Letter

What is a Fairness Letter?

If the Medical Officer determines that a health condition will involve an excessive demand on social services, they will send an opinion stating as such to the Immigration Officer (accompanied by a narrative report, list of social services and overall expected costs). The Immigration Officer then sends a procedural fairness letter to the applicant explicitly informing the applicant of the required care and social services which are relevant to the individual’s inadmissibility assessment.

At this point the applicant can choose to challenge the medical condition, accept the opinion and not respond to the letter, OR accept the opinion and submit a plan detailing how the essential services will be secured, their cost and how they will be paid for. This is a crucial step in the process and Bellissimo Law Group would be pleased to help you obtain positive results.


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