December 16, 2013

Meet our Toronto Maple Leafs contest winner, David Chiu!

Posted by Fabiola Arevalo - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Today at Bellissimo Law Group our communications team had the great pleasure of meeting our Toronto Maple Leafs contest winner, David Chiu.  David is a Toronto based designer and blogger with interests ranging from music to fashion, pop culture and food.  He actively blogs about fun activities around the city that make him happy, and that he thinks other Torontonians may also find enjoyable! The goal of our contest was to share a fun winter activity with one of our followers while engaging our online community in conversation about family, community and Canadian immigration.  David shared with us a very positive personal story of his parents’ immigration to Canada from Hong Kong:

“35 years ago, my parents along with my few months old sister, who are from Hong Kong immigrated here to Toronto, Canada. My father got a job offer to be a chef at a Chinese restaurant. The owner of the restaurant not only offered a job opportunity, but also asked if my father would be interested to immigrate to Canada.  Thinking that it would not only be a great employment opportunity but also for the family, my father took the owner’s offer.   My father wanted a better living lifestyle for the family, and also better education/opportunities for the children.  The owner of the restaurant then hired a lawyer and completed all the paper work in order for my parents and sister to immigrate.  I’m so glad this all happened. After a few years of being in Canada, I was born. I really love living in Toronto, Canada.”

It has been great interacting with David and everyone else who entered our contest.  We are excited to treat David to a pair of tickets to his first ever Toronto Maple Leafs game! He and a friend or family member will get to see the puck drop at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto this December 19th to see the Maple Leafs take on the Phoenix Coyotes! We’ll be following along on instagram for the game’s highlights. Have a great time David!