July 18, 2012

Minister Jason Kenney’s Changes to Bill C-31 receives negative feedback

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Facing a multitude of negative feedback, the new legislation brought forth by Minister Jason Kenney, that includes things such as benefit cut backs for refugees, has been put in the spot light in addressing negative outcomes for many who may be implicated. Kenney’s bill, C-31 will oppose refugees seeking benefits in the form of cutting basic medical coverage, which in turn will save Canadians money and help free up resources that can be made available to valid refugee claims.

Multiple groups and people are speaking out about how this might falter Canada’s image of being a compassionate and welcoming country, especially after many decades of keeping up with an image that has portrayed Canada as a country many flee to, to escape certain persecution and injustice.

On the contrary, Kenney claims that many of these basic coverage are not currently available to Canadian citizens, so the decision was made to help direct care to cases with merit and to create a more efficient system.