October 31, 2012

Minister Kenney Addresses International Students

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Minister Jason Kenney announced today that he plans to accept more foreign students that are currently studying in Canada as permanent residents and perhaps even citizens. Minister Kenney states that he will be allowing admissions through the Canadian Experience Class in order to recruit international students who have graduated in Canada as well as temporary foreign workers who are able to speak one of the official languages and have experience working within Canada.

Despite all of this, Kenney recognizes an unfavourable trait of the impact immigration creates upon Canadian citizens – a substantial unemployment rate amongst these immigrants. Kenney addressed this concern with stating that Canada’s focus lies in developing strong Canadian individuals who will prosper within Canada, and be able to live a humble life with their family. Canadian immigration hopes to keep prospective immigrants from low-end jobs and unemployment just to hold status within Canada.

This flows seemingly with the restructuring of Canada’s immigration system, that is aiming to recruit talented individuals that will establish themselves successfully within Canada’s economy. Minister Kenney adds that immigrants living in Canada with Canadian degrees and a higher language proficiency lead enriched lives within our society, and that can only be a positive thing. He states, “But we must do a better job of selecting those who can succeed quickly, who can integrate quickly, who can find and keep good employment, who can start successful businesses and add to Canada’s prosperity.”

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