May 23, 2013

Minister Kenney Promotes Start-Up Visa in Silicon Valley

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Minister Jason Kenney recently visited the Silicon Valley in attempts to lure tech workers there to Canada via the new Start-Up Visa program.  The program grants permanent residency to entrepreneurs who are able to raise enough venture capital and start their business.

Currently in the States, under the H-1B system, foreign tech workers in the Silicon Valley may stay in the country only up to six years and are required during that time to remain with the same employer who sponsored them.

While the U.S. has an immigration bill before them to increase the number of skilled foreign workers allowed under the H-1B, it is still difficult for some immigrants to obtain permanent status.  The majority of U.S immigrants are granted permanent residency based on family connection, but Canada’s approach, using a points based system, means that the majority of our immigrants are granted PR due to their work skills.

Minister Kenney plans to further promote the visa program at the TiEcon entrepreneurship in Santa Clara, California.


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