August 21, 2012

New Immigration System to Award More Points for Language

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

The Government of Canada is changing the point grid that has been used to judge skilled-immigrant applications, with growing emphasis on language skills and professional credentials equivalent to Canada’s. The point grid had been used for the past 10 years, saw it’s last major change when the passing mark was lowered from 75 to 67, and will allot less emphasize on work experience earned abroad.

The most important indicator will now be language, which will identify how new immigrants may fair with the language barrier; the points will be changed from 24 to a maximum of 28. The grid will also favour youthful migrants, awarding a maximum of 12 points for applicants aged 18-35. There will also be an increase in the years of experience required to achieve full points, as the reduction of total points given for work experience reflects a change from 21 to 15 points.

The aim is so that migrants’ tangible value may be in their language and age, rather than in foreign work experience. Applicants with work experience in a regulated occupation must submit a foreign educational credential assessment by the relevant professional body to establish that a credential earned abroad is equivalent to Canadian requirements.

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