June 10, 2015

New Rules on Acquiring Canadian Citizenship

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

On June 11, the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act will come into effect. Earlier this week, we highlighted the citizenship revocation provisions in the Act.

The acquisition of citizenship itself has also become more difficult under the changes. Permanent residents will need to meet tougher standards in order to demonstrate their physical presence in Canada before they become eligible for citizenship.

An individual will need to reside in Canada for 4 years in a 6-year period; each year of residence will mandate physical presence in Canada for 183 days. Further, time spent in Canada prior to acquiring permanent residence will no longer count towards meeting these residence requirements.

Additionally, there will be a requirement for proof of tax filings, a test of Canadian history / responsibilities and privileges of citizenship, as well as a declaration of intent to reside in Canada.

There are some narrow exceptions to some of the above rules.

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