April 24, 2013

Prep Sessions at Bellissimo Law Group

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

I am a Legal Services Coordinator at Bellissimo Law Group and welcome this forum on our website to express some of our views of the day to day here at Bellissimo Law Group.  I have worked in other law firms but I must say I am amazed at the level of preparation that goes into our cases.  I work on one of the litigation teams and have learned so much in short time.

Our lawyers together with our support staff are so committed to preparing our clients for their upcoming hearings. We schedule several preparation sessions prior to the hearing date; allowing our clients to understand the procedures of a hearing, prepare for same and really partner in the process. We prepare (potential) questions that may arise and give our clients the opportunity to feel comfortable with the hearing environment. The in-depth prep sessions have proven to be very beneficial; resulting in several successful appeals, family reunification, and positive feedback to our firm. The feeling is extremely rewarding.

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