January 21, 2011

Put a Face to the Name or at least a Name to the Name!

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

There has been much media attention regarding unscrupulous immigration representatives and rightly so. As I have written before finding good immigration counsel is critical to people’s cases. I like to act as client at times and surf the net and see what is out there in terms of immigration services. What strikes me is how many sites I come across where there is not a face to the representative and of much more concern a name to the name(a real person and not a sleek company name)!

For example, one can visit a site that looks quite professional and reputable with a company name like ABC Immigration Services (to use a hypothetical name) but you cannot find out who the people are beyond the name no matter how much time you spend on the site. That’s concerning and for client’s reading this post please keep this in mind. If there is no name behind the name there is likely a reason and your search should continue elsewhere. There are many good immigration representatives out there and rule 1 must be know who you are dealing with, their qualifications, experience and for goodness sake their name!