October 13, 2015

Rolling the Dice in Toronto!

Posted by Fabiola Arevalo - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Do you remember gathering around the table with your friends or family members to play a competitive game of Monopoly or even an intense game of Scrabble? How fantastic would it be to relive that experience? Look no further than the streets of Toronto and you will find various game board cafes scattered throughout the city! Within these cafes, you will find walls upon walls of different board games, some of which you have never heard of! Staff are trained and well-versed in all board games so that they can offer assistance for those unfamiliar or challenging ones! Many cafes offer hot or cold beverages and baked delights, meant to enhance your game board experience.

Here are a few, but definitely not all, of the game board cafes in Toronto (click on each one to be directed to their website for more information):

Roll the dice and immerse yourself in the fun environment these cafes have to offer!