January 14, 2010

Sponsored by My Wife

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Q. I am a permanent resident who was sponsored by my wife. Last couple of weeks my wife and I had a dispute over something and our relationship seems to be ending through a separation or divorce. My wife threatened me that she would accuse me and withdraw her sponsorship which she meant that I may not be eligible to get citizenship or I may be deported back to where I came from. My question is: can she do that and how is it going to impact on my permanent residence papers?

A. I assume that you are already a permanent resident of Canada. I have seen many cases like yours, when after the sponsorship is concluded the spouses do not get along and want to part ways. At this stage, it is often unlikely that Immigration Canada will intervene and revisit your case or deport you based on a complaint from your spouse unless they believe you misrepresented yourself. The case is often closed from Immigration Canada’s point of view and so you will deal with a family lawyer to sort out your differences and arrive at a final settlement. Immigration Canada may however, look closer if the relationship was very brief and/or one of you wants to sponsor another spouse. This places the first marriage under increased scrutiny and it might be ruled not genuine and there could be consequences for both of you. If you are not a permanent resident and she withdraws her sponsorship it is unlikely you will receive landing. Good luck!