January 8, 2013

Strengthening the Citizenship Process

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Citizenship and Immigration Canada strongly believes that Canadian citizenship is something people should not take for granted and immigrants should make an effort to achieve. As a result, they have taken necessary measure to strengthen the process by enforcing civic literacy for all Canadians but more specifically new Canadians.

Immigrants must now demonstrate a greater proficiency in either English or French and have a broad understanding of Canadian history, politics and culture if they want to become a citizen.

Permanent residents must now score a minimum of 75% on their Citizenship test in order to pass, as opposed to 60% before.

According to Minister Jason Kenney “Newcomers are more prepared than ever to appreciate the significance of Canada’s 150th Birthday”, he is impressed by the level of knowledge newcomers have about Canadian history.

Over the next few months, CIC will take necessary steps to continue strengthening citizenship even more.

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