February 3, 2014

The Cap of 5,000 applications for the Parent and Grandparent program (PGP) has been reached

Posted by Mario Bellissimo - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Earlier this year the government opened the Parent and Grandparent Program to accept 5,000 new applications, as of today they have now received 5,000 complete applications. Citizenship and Immigration Canada expects to welcome an additional 20,000 parents and grandparents to Canada by the end of 2014. However, the intake process will be placed on pause until next year.

Since the Action Plan for Faster Family Reunification was launched in 2011, the government has reduced backlogs in half and they anticipate cutting the backlog by 75 per cent by the end of 2015.

Canada is a multicultural society that continues to reunite families with their loved ones. The PGP program will re-open to new applications in January 2015. Further details will be available closer to that date.