August 25, 2017

The Case of a Medical Doctor’s Canadian Citizenship Successfully Defended Making Headlines. National Post and Global!

Posted by Fabiola Arevalo - Bellissimo Law Group PC

We are pleased to share with you our most recent success story which made headlines across Canada. Our team is extremely proud of the work of Mr. Chris Collette and members of our litigation team that worked to successfully defend Dr. Irfan Saddique’s Grant of Citizenship.

Mr. Saddique, an immigrant doctor doing medical training in the United States, applied to become a Canadian citizen; declaring having only 177 days of the 1095 days of residence in Canada required to gain citizenship. After interviewing with a citizenship judge, Mr. Saddique’s application was approved, however the decision was subsequently appealed by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to Federal Court, who argued that the evidence he provided about his ties to Canada was inadequate.

Thanks to the expertise and months of tireless effort of Mr. Collette and the Bellissimo Law Group team, Madam Justice Elliott confirmed that the citizenship judge’s decision was legally correct and that the conclusion that Mr. Saddique had centralized his mode of living in Canada was reasonable. Several factors were considered, including that he had tried extensively for a medical position in Canada, maintained strong family ties in this country, and returned to be with his family whenever he could. Madam Justice Susan Elliot found no reason to disturb the earlier decision to allow Mr. Saddique to become a Canadian!


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