March 28, 2019

This Week’s Success Story: Work Permit – Significant Benefit – Intra-Company Transfer

Posted by Fabiola Arevalo - Bellissimo Law Group PC

We have been hired by a corporation in the UK, with subsidiaries in a few countries, including California, USA, to help them with the transfer of a regional manager to Toronto, Ontario.

They have registered a subsidiary of the USA company in Toronto, but did not have yet any employees. The newly appointed regional manager wanted to start his work of establishing and building the company in Toronto as soon as possible. After doing some research on the case and getting to know more about the scope of the business, we decided that the best way to proceed was with a work permit application under the “significant benefit” for Canadian economy and an intra-company transfer of the manager. We asked for a detailed business plan, to support the application, with emphasis on the benefits the Canadian economy would have by developing the business as planned. It showed that the company will be able to create a few jobs for Canadians and/or permanent residents, which is significant for the economy.

We also asked for expedited processing of the application and we are very happy to say that the application for the work permit was approved in record time and the foreign worker is already in Canada, starting to work on the new position.

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