December 16, 2008

TOP 10 issues clients have difficulty understanding/accepting with respect to family class processing

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

10. When was my first date . . . first met her family . . . the night I proposed? I don’t even remember to take the garbage out on Wednesdays.
9. Look at it this way. You are newlyweds do you really want your parents here in under five years?
8. How can we be in a conjugal relationship she lives two countries away! Why do you think I drink so much coffee?
7. No. Let’s be clear. If you assaulted your wife’s best friend you’re still okay to sponsor as long as it wasn’t one of her family members then we would have problems.
6. Look at it philosophically. Family reunification can have many meanings. Do you see how many families are unifying to challenge the government’s processing of parental applications?
5. My wife and I eloped in France after I picked up my visa on the way to Canada. Breezed through immigration and I came straight here because I want to sponsor my new wife – what a rush! Have you received any wedding gifts yet? No you’re the first person we told. Well I know immigration will have one gift for you – you’re inadmissible. Welcome to Canada!
4. So my husband gets here – leaves me in two days and admits he used me to get his papers and I still have to support him for the next three years – most of which is going to pay his lawyer to divorce me?
3. No parents are still members of the family class their just on a lay away program.
2. So allow me to understand this. My sister is still bumming off my parents in her thirteenth year of post secondary education, unmarried, living at home and thirty and Canada still wants her? But my parents don’t!

1. The officer writes that we are physically incompatible, culturally she would not marry me because I am a divorcee and not a university graduate. Thanks! What are they trained in? How to destroy a marriage in ten easy lines?