Family Sponsorship Testimonials

It has been over a year ago today when, together with my husband, I came to Bellissimo Law Group office to consult about the Permanent Residency application process. Mixed emotions came into place as I started to read Immigration materials while waiting for Ms. Viola Gniadek, the group’s Immigration Consultant. However, all my apprehensions vanished immediately after Ms.Viola greeted us warmly. Instantly, she made us welcome and answer the initial queries lingering in my thoughts. Her first ran through of the process gave us an insight on the pros and cons and her recommendations. Long and short of it, we began collating the documents and mind buggling as it was to see tons of papers and gazillions of forms to fill up, Ms. Viola never ceases to assist me in completing the requirements. What I admire the most is the fact that Ms.Viola will ALWAYS find time to assure me that Bellissimo team will be beside me–stand by me, as I forward the application. No paper will be left unturned (they will check, counter-checked time and again) before submission. The endorsement letter from Mario Bellissimo was worded with great confidence that they did went through my profile. That was such heartwarming! There are a number of Immigration consultants who would advise us to do it ourselves, but my husband and I have not wavered in our belief that we will do it the right way — the right way is only through Bellissimo Group. Just recently, I chanced upon a colleague of my husband whose daughter has been consulting another lawyer. I told them that if they want to feel as comfortable as we did, they must only see Bellissimo Group — I handed them Ms.Viola’s business card. I now have my Permanent Residency – exactly 8 months from application. Words aren’t enough to describe how I felt when I got the email advise from Ms. Viola. Tears of joy and sigh of relief has overtaken me. I will always be grateful to the entire team and will NEVER hesitate to recommend Belllissimo Law Group to anyone who needs professional assistance. (I will never forget your kind words Ms. Viola, especially those times when you personally called me, I was really touched) To Mr. Mario Bellissimo, Ms. Viola and to each and every member of the organization: GOD bless you all and may He continuously shower each one of you with abundance for your kindest heart. More success!

Elena D.

Bellissimo Law Group assisted us with our family sponsorship application and we were very pleased. Bellissimo lawyers looked into our file in a timely manner and were at our disposal to answer any questions or concerns. Thanks to their accurate work we are able to start our family in a safe country that we choose to be part of. Thank you Bellissimo Team

Eleni & Gabriel

I received my parent’s visas yesterday! Thank you very much for your excellent legal services. I had used two other lawyers before, none of them can be compared to you. I was lucky that I was referred to you. You always replied to my email quickly and always worked on the details to an extend that I never thought about before. Being able to bring my parents to Canada means a lot to me. I really thank you from the bottom of my heart. Wish you all the best!


Dear Mr. Bellissimo and Ms. Anderson: Thank you very much for your hard work to bring my son to Canada. We got the visa for my son before Chinese New Year–it is the best Chinese New Year gift ever. How lucky we are to have your team to represent my son!!! Thank you is not enough to express our appreciation to you. We will refer more friends to you.


I just wanted to say that both Crystal and I are very pleased with the service provided by Bellissimo Law Group. I found everyone there to be helpful with our needs and concerns. We could not have gone through this without their help in preparing our application. Though it seemed that things were going to have a set back it worked out better in the end. The service and advise provided were nothing more than professional and A+++. Having them involved kept a big part of the weight off our shoulders and now that its complete an even bigger one has been lifted. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication to our case. We highly recommend your firm to anyone who requires and wishes for the same A+++ service we got.

Ryan and Crystal

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bellissimo Law Group on behalf of all our family! My brother submitted a sponsorship application for our parents and myself, as their dependent child. Unfortunately, our father had a stroke just before his medical examination and the immigration officer notified us that it seemed our father was inadmissible based on his medical condition. We decided to contact Bellissimo Law Group even prior to receiving an official refusal letter, and now looking back we are very happy we did. Bellissimo Law Group agreed to take our case, and during our meeting with Mr. Bellissimo, he impressed us a lot. All of the documents they requested were necessary and absolutely essential for building a strong case for us, which Bellissimo Law Group did in fact do. We had a chance to review the completed work and the final report they sent to the immigration department and we are truly amazed by their professionalism and integrity in handling our case. I was quite sure that there is no way the immigration officers could dispute that, as the case Bellissimo Law Group built was very fact and evidence based. I was right, within one month, we received a sponsorship approval. The work that Mr. Bellissimo and his team have done is truly remarkable! Bellissimo Law Group – Thank you very much!

Alexander Basin and the rest of the Basin family.

Hi, We want to thank Bellissimo Law Group for your hard work and your guidance. We got all information step by step in whole procedure. Viola worked very hard on my case. Thank you Viola for everything you did for me. We would happily recommend your firm to anyone who is in need of good Immigration Lawyer. Me and my husband we feel lucky to have you. Everyone in the office is very friendly. We lost all hopes but just because of you guys we got legal status.Thanks for everything ..

Vinod & Mukti

“I would like to say thanks to BLG. My case workers were the best at their jobs. Viola worked on my case just like it was her own friend that was in need of help. I love how caring and knowledgeable she and all the others were about the case and how to solve it. I am very happy with the work they have done and I really appreciate all the hard work they put in so my husband and I could unite. Everyone in the office is very friendly. They really hear you out and do their best to help you with your problems. I am always going to consider them if I ever need help again. My case was a successful one and I am a very happy client! Mr. Bellissimo, you are number one!!!!”


“We had filed for an application to sponsor our parents. Due to my father’s illness, our application was denied by the immigration authorities. My wife and myself felt lost and didn’t know what to do and who to turn to until we came across Mr. Bellissimo’s regular consulting column in the newspaper. We decided to contact him. We were very impressed with BLG’s professionalism. Keely Anderson, who was assigned to our case, was extremely knowledgeable and very forthcoming in answering all of our questions. She kept us updated all along the way, which was very important for us, and made us feel in control of the situation. Because of their attention to detail and thoroughness, our sponsorship application was approved. We highly recommend Bellissimo Law Group to those who are in need for a certified qualified professional immigration lawyer.”

Alexander and Alla Basin.

“My husband and I could not have asked for better representation or service while applying for his permanent resident status. The worker assigned to our case, Viola, was extremely knowledgeable, was able to answer all of our questions without hesitation and made us feel at ease during the long and stressful application process. We were never rushed during our meetings at the office and Viola always ensured that she had explained the significance of each document before it was signed. With their attention to detail and thoroughness, my husband’s application was processed within 3 months, even though the Canadian Embassy had originally estimated 6-12 months. We are now able to spend our 1 year anniversary together! I highly recommend Bellissimo Law Group to anyone who is in need of an immigration lawyer.”

Janna B.