Federal Court / Appeals Testimonials

I highly recommend Bellissimo law firm, not only are they professionally excellent and efficient, but they are truly caring and concerned about each clien and treat you like a person not just another client. The team are so friendly and fast responding and are willing to help you through anything you need. I personally am so blessed to have them fighting my case as they have my back and I no longer feel I’m alone . I give them a 5 star review. Thankyou to all the team at Bellissimo law group.

Joanne J.

On April 2017 I won the lottery to bring my parents in Canada. On December 2018 I have received a refusal letter after my father was sent for additional medicals and still had it on pending. My parents have their children and grandchildren in Canada and we were upset. Me and my brother have called our immigration lawyer who helped us many years ago to immigrate, and he sent us to Mr. Mario in Toronto because BLG does appeals. Also, I have searched online and found BLG on the list of immigration lawyers companies recognized by the government. Although it was a very short time, BLG managed to fill in the documentation extremely fast and in January 2019 my parent’s immigration file was reopened. In June 2019 my parents obtained the permanent residence. Thank you BLG with high consideration, it is very impressive such company of experts exists. I definitely recommend BLG to others!

Lia L.

I highly recommend Bellissimo Law Group for immigration issues. This is a very hardworking and professional team. To me, thank you is not enough and I call them my lifesaver. I am thrilled that they won my case and this 8-year legal battle had finally ended. Thank you to Mr. Bellissimo who had giving me professional advice on my immigration issue as well as willing to take on this super complex immigration issue, leading your team to achieve the best for my case. A special thank you to Ms. Keely Anderson, who was particularly helpful, experienced, patient, kind and sweet. To me, this law firm is not just for money and it’s more about relationship building. They are very reliable and honest, try to minimize the cost for their clients.

My story started back on Sep2011, I received notification to revoke my Canadian citizenship. My husband and me were both panic and found BLG on website. The first consultation appointment, Mr. Bellissimo’s information is very insightful. My case was referred to Federal Court of Canada.

About 5 years later, in Feb2006 immigration officer signed another notification letter dated exactly on my birthday 🙂 I received this package by mail a few days after my family celebrate my birthday. This new letter will replace the one I’ve received in 2011. I informed Bellissimo Law Firm immediately, according to Mr. Bellissimo’s professional advice, to the best interest, my case has been joined to a case managed group. BLG, along with a number of other law firms, were challenging the new Section 10 revocation provisions among others of the Citizenship Act as amended by the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act. The hearings took place in the fall of 2016 in Toronto. They won!

However, this is not the end of the battle. Government changed their procedures again, another letter was sent out to me on Mar2018. I was glad that this letter arrived after my birthday this time, at lease I can have a nice and peaceful birthday this time. Once letter received, Mr. Bellissimo and their team started to work on my case immediately to gather evidence for me. Ms. Anderson had asked me really helpful questions and replied my email instantly. Their team worked so hard on my case to meet the deadline. They were so responsible that they won’t miss the deadline!! Ms. Anderson was still in the office 9 PM to finalize on my case, she called me to verify the last few questions and make sure everything is good for submission. Of course, they won again!

No word can describe my happiness by given this exceptional result after the 8-year battle. No more worries on family separation. I am so thankful that I can stay with my family and watch my kids grow. Again, a BIG thank you to BLG !!

Winnie S.

Bellissimo Law has been the greatest help we could have asked for our journey. Our case needed an appeal which was very well organized, documented and presented to the authorities. We received a positive decision on the case all because of the expertise of Mr. Bellissimo and team. Keely and John are great at responding all smart and stupid questions and the team is very prompt to answer emails. They have the entire process streamlined, right from extension to evidences which makes our job easier. We got the quotes from some of the other law firms too who are all good and had lower charges. We chose Bellisimo because they are the best and in the long term a few extra bucks won’t matter but the results will. Highly recommended.

Vaibhav C.

Hi, My name is Surinder Jhamat and I sponsored my wife and three kids but the application was twice rejected. I approached the Bellissimo Law Group and met Mr Christopher he listen me carefully and give me the best advice and file the case after first hearing the result was not favorable and he advised second hearing and this time with the help of Tamara Thomas and Mr J Norris my appeal for family sponsorship was accepted. All the credit goes to these three .I and my family thanks these people for honest and professional advice.I strongly recommend every one who need professional services contact Bellissimo Law Group. Once again I thanks the team.

Surinder J.

I started with them hesitatingly as Law Groups charge in advance and are expensive but was very impressed by their detailed submission on my behalf. They understood my case thoroughly and presented it in a meticulous manner to the immigration office. I highly recommend them for any immigration matters you may have

Vinit J.

We faced some criminal charges from the USA, that may of jeopardized our immigration status in Canada. Bellissimo Law Group successfully represented us , and our application for permanent residence was approved.

Tanya K.

I approached Bellissimo law group when I reached a dead end; when my application was rejected for a reason that as an applicant yet someone from overseas with no single contact in Canada could find a way to overcome it. For me it was a big risk to trust a law firm that you never knew about and put faith in them at a time you need someone who understands your case, lend you a professional hand without extravagance or negligence. In return the risk I’ve taken was not in vain at all, and returned with an overturned decision by officials to resume my application. Therefore, I extended their services to handle my immigration application after solving the case and eventually I got my passports stamped with an immigration visa for me and my family. Bellissimo law group are very professional and straightforward. I don’t just recommend them but I urge those who are seeking assistance to approach them. The most important thing when it comes to dealing with law is to trust whom you are handing over your case to And Bellisimo Law group are definitely trustworthy.

Firas A.

When all hope was lost I approached Bellissimo Law Group to help me and my kids from being deported from Canada. This was my last resort and last attempt and hope for life. It was a little annoying and frustrating at first with the amount of detail they went into with our paper work. But now 6 years later I am beyond grateful that we chose them to represent us. Now Canadian and an International Bodybuilding Representative of Canada, I dare to say, I wouldn’t be here without them. As for my kids, honour roll students in University and proudly Canadian. Forever grateful.

Georgina D.

I interviewed 5 lawyers before deciding to hire Bellissimo for a very complex case. Mario and his team rose up to the occasion and even exceeded the expectations. If you’re looking for a cheap service don’t even bother calling. However; if you’re looking for a knowledgeable team of lawyers with integrity who understand the system then you’ll get your money’s worth and possibly more.

Sam K.