Federal Court / Appeals Testimonials

When all hope was lost I approached Bellissimo Law Group to help me and my kids from being deported from Canada. This was my last resort and last attempt and hope for life. It was a little annoying and frustrating at first with the amount of detail they went into with our paper work. But now 6 years later I am beyond grateful that we chose them to represent us. Now Canadian and an International Bodybuilding Representative of Canada, I dare to say, I wouldn’t be here without them. As for my kids, honour roll students in University and proudly Canadian. Forever grateful.

Georgina D.

I interviewed 5 lawyers before deciding to hire Bellissimo for a very complex case. Mario and his team rose up to the occasion and even exceeded the expectations. If you’re looking for a cheap service don’t even bother calling. However; if you’re looking for a knowledgeable team of lawyers with integrity who understand the system then you’ll get your money’s worth and possibly more.

Sam K.

Bellissimo Law Group is a very great and professional team. I am very glad that I have entrusted my case to them. After receiving my case, one of their staff members contacted me to find out the details about my case. I was not living in Canada at that time and my English is not good, they communicate with me patiently for several time to clear the details, and gave me reasonable suggestion. There are different staff members contacted with me at different stages of my case. They always told me the latest developments in the case first timing. This is a professional and trustful team, and everyone in this team is very nice and efficient. Thanks for their work that my case had a good result.

Xu C.

After battling and waiting for due process with Immigration Canada, I finally received a favorable decision without a challenge at the IAD to sponsor my parents under the family sponsorship program. A very special mention must be made to Mr. Christopher Collette of BLG who, in preparing the final argument to the Judge, showed sincere passion, commitment, knowledge of the case, attention to detail and professionalism. Not to forget the hard work and what seems like an eternity of effort from Keely Anderson from client care, who guided the whole process, answered all emails at all hours and helped ease my frustration with this process with her support and continued belief in my case. My sincerest thanks and gratitude. I will not soon forget your efforts.


Wonderful experience ! Many Thanks, we got our case dismissed in misrepresentation and got PR approval.Its been a positive support throughout that time and bellissimo group assured us with success and file update.The more you work with this bellissimo law team the more co operation and help every time you get by contacting them for any immigration issues.I will definitely recommend bellissimo law group to friends and for my own future legal matters. Special thanks to Mario bellissimo and Christopher Collette

Krunal P.

I am very pleased with the service that I have obtained from Mr. Mario Bellissimo’s firm. We were able to prove to the panel that the initial negative decision on my case was lawfully invalid. I would highly recommend their services.

Maricel M.

We were referred to Bellissimo Law Group by our immigration lawyers since they don’t handle appeals. We did not have much time to work with but Bellissimo took our case and started working on it right away. They always looked for the most successful way to approach our case and their strategy led us to an absolute success. Also, the fair per hour is very reasonable and they are always willing to take a call or answer an e-mail if the client has any doubts.

Fernanda R.

I was a flight attendant and because of my job had a difficulty getting citizenship. Bellissimo Law Group helped me to win the case and now I’m finally a Canadian citizen! Very professional service.

Yuliya L.

We received a fairness letter for non disclosure of my brother’s previous visa refusal to U.S due to our previous representative’s mistake in the visa application. It was really stressing moment as he was sure to be banned for 5 years for entering Canada. But, thanks to Bellissimo law group that they handled his case so well and after collecting required evidence, they put up his case properly. As a result my brother was not only saved from being inadmissible to Canada but he also got his study permit approved. These guys did a great job! I would recommend everybody to approach BLG for help in case of any immigration matter.

Kaur G.

I used Bellissimo Law group for a complex matter. I had already consulted 2 other lawyers before I came to BLG. The diligence, patience and empathy they exhibited was truly unique. They have all the professional skills and more importantly they have empathy, probably the most essential thing you need.

Umar G.