Federal Court / Appeals Testimonials

We had an excellent experience with Christopher Collette and his team, and highly recommend them for any work dealing with immigration and permanent visa status. Very professional, very thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you so much for all of your assistance!

Mrs. Kahn

Fee: Bellissimo Law Group staffs told me clearly in advance all the fees and I chose installments. For me the fees are reasonable compare the services they provided.

Services: Lawyer Joanna Carton Mennie prepared my file very careful, neat, organizing and details. She is very talent, reliable, trust worthy, knowledgeable. She did exactly what she told me about the process and services she provided. She spent a lot of time during preparation my file. Beside that, a week before my trial, she spent 2 days (14 hours) one on one with me. I strongly believe that I can not receive the same services from other lawyers.

Outcome: I totally satisfy with excellent services from Lawyer Joanna Carton Mennie. She did try her best for me to win the case. I definitely would recommend Bellissimo Law Group to some one who is in need to find an immigration lawyer.

Kim N.

I would like to give my strongest possible endorsement to the Bellissimo Law Group. They navigated, fixed and solved what potentially was a very challenging visa issue for me my family. Well done and thank you!

William A.

“In 2011, my husband and I commenced our search in finding an immigration lawyer who can represent my husband’s case. We came across Bellissimo Law group and decided this would be the perfect law firm to assist with my sponsor application and my husband’s record suspension. In 2014, during my family sponsor ship with immigration and my husband’s record suspension apply application, we heard back from immigration that a decision was made and my husband will have to leave the Canada within 30 days. Bellissimo and his dedicated team worked on our file and submitted a letter to the immigration to re consider my husband’s application for permanent residency. The file was approved for reconsideration and my husband was allowed to remain in Canada

In 2015 my husband was granted his record suspension and his file was still under review with ICC. In March 2017, my husband was issued his permanent residence. With Bellissimo staff’s help, hard work and continuous follow ups with immigration my husband was finally approved the right to be a Canadian resident. I will definitely refer this law firm to friends or family that are faced with a extremely hard case that would need a lawyers hand.”

Thank you


“The Bellissimo Law Group is the best law group of immigration lawyers and individuals fighting for the rights of Canadian citizens new and old. They undertook a case for me that was never done before in the history of Canadian Immigration Law as far I understand and a very difficult task. While our case had merit, a favorable outcome was not certain. Yet due to the meticulous hard work, planning and dedication by the Bellissimo Law Group we emerged with a successful outcome and I became a citizen of Canada once again. Furthermore, they charged us fairly for taking the case and the expenses were explained. For a difficult case not having been done before they were more than fair and reasonable. I would sincerely recommend the Bellissimo Law Group to everyone having any sort of immigration/citizenship or related case or issue and am sure they will help the case more than any other law firm out there.”


Dear Mr. Bellissimo: I am very excited to report to you that my husband has finally received his visa and will be immigrating from Turkey and coming to Canada in a few weeks. Thank you so much for the efforts you and your team made to make this happen. I should have just used your services in the first place when submitting the application for immigration. I thought the process would be simple since it was an application under the family class act, we are married and have know each other for some time. As you know I was shocked when we learned that the application was rejected. I am glad that my friend recommended your firm to me to fix the mess. I appreciate the time you took to explain the appeal process. I did not feel like you were a pushy sales person just out to make a quick buck. I appreciated that that you gave me the straight facts and without making empty promises, you said what you were going to do and did everything as promised. The attention to details, how the team organized the information, and regular communication was impressive. I also felt comfort in knowing that I could email you with questions or concerns, your team answered my questions and you did not charge me an extra fee for each minute of correspondence. All in all, job well done ! Thank you.

Barbara G.

“Fatigued internally,and emotional stricken, i sat and pondered on the next move,(after an advice from a family friend to request for judicial review) This made me to contact Bellissimo Law Group : They made the first round and believing that second round will be sweet and awesome…………….I doff my hat for all the professionals with Bellissimo. AM IN CANADA STUDYING”.

David G.

“I would like to thank Mr. Bellissimo and Ms. Zahra Kaderali with all my heart for helping me in my case of misrepresentation. After a long battle I won my appeal and got a peaceful life in Canada.When everyone was telling me that I had no hope to stay in Canada, I found Bellissimo Law Group. After evaluating my case, Mr. Bellissimo gave me some rays of hope and he and Ms. Kaderali put all their efforts to collect all important material which was really helpful for my case. My ex wife complained to the immigration authorities that married her just for immigration when really it was a genuine relationship. After facing hearings and getting negative decisions with another lawyer I was really disturbed because now this is not just my life that was at stake but also my present wife’s life. Finally after three days of hearings, incredible preparation, excellent arguments from Mr. Bellissimo I got justice. They approved my appeal. I got justice. My wife, myself and our parents cannot express our gratitude in words because all words are small in front of Mr. Bellissimo and his team.”

S. Grewal

“Mr. Bellissimo, Ms. Keely, I want to express my heartfelt thanks for all your help. I am grateful for your diligence and your patience. A positive result was made possible through your sharp insight into the relevant laws and the board’s decisions in the past on similar matters. I was impressed by your ability to discern the details and present key facts. I highly appreciate your commitment to prepare me and my father for the appeal hearing. My family is truly grateful.”


“I just want to thank Bellissimo Law Group for your hard work and guidance you provided me on every step of the whole procedure. I feel lucky myself to have you guys as my councilors. The whole process took only 5 months which is much earlier than what I was expecting. I found your service dependable and friendly.

You guys really turned Mr. Bellissimo’s words into reality, what he said in our first meeting that the ADR result would be in our favour.

Thank you Viola and Zahra for everything you did for me. I would happily recommend your firm to anyone who is in need of good Immigration Lawyer.”

Khurram Qaseem