March 24, 2008


Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

It is true that the proposed immigration changes are very serious and would alter much of the current system. It would be more like the American model where if you do not have an employer behind your application or you have not studied or worked in Canada it will be very difficult to have your application even considered. The new law for example allows the Government to return or dispose of an application without a decision.

It also seems to suggest that people that are applying for a second time may also have difficulty having their application considered but this is not entirely clear. Despite some media reports these changes do not affect the family class directly but it is clear government priorities are changing and have been for some time (i.e. processing times of applications to sponsor parents 3-5 years). Many organizations are coming together to try to fight these changes as currently these amendments are found within a Budget bill and there has been no public consultation. I am receiving many questions on this topic so I will be commenting on these in the next few weeks.