Express Entry Testimonials

I can only have good reviews regarding Bellissimo Law Group. My case is complicated and they helped me solve it and become a Permanent Resident in less than a year. The professionalism and hard work of the Bellissimo team has helped me towards my case. I want to ask Mrs Lee for her work and Viola Gniadek for all the support, advices and amount of work she has provided throughout my case. I am thankful of all what you have done and cannot forget where I was when I first met you guys and where I am now (I am a Permanent Resident and thats thanks to you). I will refer any person I know and in need for immigration help to Bellissimo Law group in the future. Thanks again for everything that you have done. It was a pleasure meeting all of you.

Brahim S.

My wife and I thoroughly appreciated the thoroughness including accuracy of information needed to complete all forms. Our Bellissimo representative Viola Gniadek really knew her work and her knowledge, congeniality, and commitment to success really made us comfortable. She laid out the different steps of the process at the beginning and was very upfront about timelines and other things to expect along the way. I would most definitely go back to Bellissimo again should such services be required.

Gerry Smith

I am a long-time client of Bellissimo Law Group and have been recently granted permanent residence status in Canada. My immigration story is a rollercoaster ride, with unimaginable obstacles at every step. I started as a student and after 7 years ended up as permanent resident in Canada.

Immigration cases are different than any other kind of legal issues, which you may face in this country. It is essential to have an expert on your side to deal with the CIC. You must have trust in your lawyer in order to deal with any sort of legal issues. In immigration matters, your lawyer should be knowledgeable enough to evaluate every aspect of your life, and they must have an excellent understanding of you in order to deal with your immigration case. The BLG, undoubtedly, are definitely what they claim to be: “leading immigration lawyers” in Canada.

When I first went into BLG’s office in 2009 and met with Mr. Mario Bellissimo, I was not sure if I would ever be able to live in Canada as I had long list of complicated issues and was facing many inadmissibilities. I was interviewed by many different public safety institutions at multiple occasions. His esteemed self assured me that my case was in the best of hands and referred me to one of his firm’s best lawyers, Ms. Erin Roth – The Genie.

In the many years of my interaction with Erin, I have always found her to be extremely professional, an excellent researcher, problem solver, critical decision maker, and humble. She provided me with tailored support and exhibited excellent attention to detail. Her ability to connect with me at the human level helped us to find important missing pieces in my immigration case. She has always analyzed my problems objectively and provided solutions under the light of her expert knowledge of immigration law. She resolved all my issues with immigration in a most excellent and professional manner. She guided me on each and every step of this process and prepared me well to deal with all sort of immigration interviews and hearings. In my time of need, I was never disappointed by her. She is truly the best lawyer I have ever met in my life. Thank you Erin for helping me, this day would not be possible without your sincere efforts.

I also extend my gratitude to Mr. Mario Bellissimo, who agreed to actively pursue my immigration case, and who helped resolved major complicated issues in it.

I am also thankful to all of the other firm members, whose collective efforts have brought positive and meaningful results in my case.

Syed Waqas H.

I wanted to thank you and your colleagues for your help over the last few years with my PR card renewal and the citizenship application process. I do apologize that it’s taken me a while to write this email but it doesn’t diminish how grateful I am. It feels so good to have come to the end of my immigration journey and feel so much more secure in my life here, and I don’t believe I could have done it without your help.

Thanks again!

Meisha B.

Immigration process is never easy for any country. The personal service I received from my account executive Viola, was priceless! The entire anxiety of this process was removed by her knowledge and by the very professional services offered by Bellissimo Law Group. From submission of my application, to my immigration ceremony, it took only 16 months. This is the best firm to use for all matters related to immigration.

Michael Wilson

My wife just received her Permanent Resident Card a few moments ago by mail… and now it all seems so official. Very happy with the service we received!

Big thanks to Viola Gniadek for guiding us step-by-step through this process, and for always being available to answer my never-ending stream of questions…

Here’s a basic timeline of our story, as I know other this tends to be a prevalent question for many newcomers to Canada:

06/2014 … Married in Canada
07/2014 … Filed paperwork with Bellissimo Law Group
10/2014 … Spousal Sponsorship approved
04/2015 … Permanent Resident application approved
05/2015 … My wife became a Permanent Resident
08/2015 … Permanent Resident Card received

All-in-all, it took about 13 months from the time we filed the paperwork to have the card in hand… which beat any of the estimates we researched prior to hiring Bellissimo Law Group.

The service we received was fast, attentive, effective, and professional.

Highly recommended.

Brent Jones

As a single child who never planned on leaving my home country, bringing my parents to Canada where my home and family has now been for the last 15 years was crucial. After five years of paperwork, anxiety and waiting, we hit a major bump in the road that meant that all our efforts until then were for nothing. Knowing that we had one last chance to turn my parents’ application around, we contacted the Bellissimo group. That changed everything for us.

We would like to thank you, the Bellissimo team, for your professionalism and promptitude, for your solid documentation and relevant facts that made the case so strong. We were impressed with the whole process and, despite the stressful situation, working with you was a great experience. Thank you again. Your work makes a difference in people’s lives and it changed the future of our family tremendously.

A happy and grateful reunited family from Victoria, BC

After a previous immigration lawyer left our family facing deportation through no fault of our own, Mario Bellissimo agreed to take on our case. His team were professional and courteous as they explained the process every step of the way, and brought our case to a successful conclusion of permanent residence. Without Bellissimo Law Group we may never have realised our dream of becoming Canadians and providing our children with a better future.

Jane Scognamillo

Over the years I have used BLG for various services ranging from work permit to permanent residence and dealing with issues with medical inadmissibility. Simply, there is nobody else I would ever consider using for any immigration matter. These people know the immigration laws like the backs of their hands and know how CIC operate. They are absolute experts in what they do and they get results. Had a very stressful situation last year with a work permit that was expiring and my employer had made a mess of the LMO. BLG dealt with the situation in a calm, professional and totally dedicated manner and got my work permit. They are the best at what they do. They treat you with kindness and compassion and are always there when you need them. Absolutely cannot recommend them highly enough, and thanks to them for close to 8 years of ongoing help, last night I landed at the border as a permanent resident.

Garry Lewis

Michelle / Viola helped me get through the hassles of PR paper work and made it a smooth sailing for me from the time I signed up. They were very empathetic and also very knowledgeable and advised me on every step of my paper work. Its worth more than all the money I spent as I knew my paper work was in safe hands. Thank you guys, though I ended up randomly at your office for guidance, I am a very happy client and never regretted my decision of starting my paper work at your office. Now the results prove it. Thanks again!!!

Rajganapathy S N