Express Entry Testimonials

After a long and difficult battle, we finally received our Immigration Visa’s. A very Big Thank you to Bellissimo Law Group especially to Keely and Brankica as without you guys this would never be possible. Kindly convey my special thank you and a big GOD BLESS to Mr. Mario Bellissimo as well ! We will soon be reunited with our family in Canada and are very excited about it.

We recommend Bellissimo Law Group to all those who are in need for a certified qualified professional lawyer. They are a group of highly professional, dedicated and committed team and we were always impressed on their prompt replies to queries and other issues.

Keep up the good work !

Best regards

G. M and Family

“When I came to Canada in the year 2000, I thought that immigration will not be a problem for me and wont take much time to get. Well, what I have realized now is that immigration is one of the hardest things which I had to go through in life. I spent a lot of money on different lawyers, which have all failed application after application. I also realized how important it is to hire a lawyer who will be prepared when the hearing date comes up and who will actually put up a fight for their client. I am very thankful to you for helping so much with my case and my sons, when we were on the brink of being deported and when our chances of staying in Canada were very slight, your advice and work were critical in getting us to stay while our application was processed. Your work exceeded my expectations and it also by far exceeds the work that was done by my previous legal representatives. I have finally got my permanent resident status in November of 2009. It is now 2010. And after 10 years the only thing I am finally waiting for now, is my permanent resident card to arrive in the mail. I see how important it is to be properly represented. I wish I would have came to you earlier, I am sure this would not have been so agonizing if you were representing me from the beginning. I would like to thank you again and will always recommend your services.”

Alla Nezhivenko