Inadmissibility Testimonials

I sponsored my parents in 2007 and I was refused in 2013 based on medical inadmissibility of my mentally challenged brother. I found Late Mr. Rotenberg as my original lawyer who passed away during the process. I was very disappointed as I was counting on his expertise to help me with my situation. Mr. Bellissimo was Godsend for me to help me with my case. I am very thankful that he took on my case. His team member Ms. Tamara Thomas worked with me and advised me with regards to the documents that I needed to obtain, they did extensive research on eligibility criteria of various social and health systems. They worked with me on the interview preparation. The time spent working with them was very targeted and very specific to address the Minister’s concerns. They ensured there was no further waste in time or any delays. The way they presented my case and helped me win it only a world-class Law firm can do that as there were times I was going to lose my hopes. I would totally recommend this law firm to anyone who is going through a similar situation as mine with both hands down. Mr. Bellissimo and the team (Ms. Tamara Thomas) you guys are amazing and thank you so much again for reuniting me with my family in my beautiful dream country Canada.

Irshad K.

On April 2017 I won the lottery to bring my parents in Canada. On December 2018 I have received a refusal letter after my father was sent for additional medicals and still had it on pending. My parents have their children and grandchildren in Canada and we were upset. Me and my brother have called our immigration lawyer who helped us many years ago to immigrate, and he sent us to Mr. Mario in Toronto because BLG does appeals. Also, I have searched online and found BLG on the list of immigration lawyers companies recognized by the government. Although it was a very short time, BLG managed to fill in the documentation extremely fast and in January 2019 my parent’s immigration file was reopened. In June 2019 my parents obtained the permanent residence. Thank you BLG with high consideration, it is very impressive such company of experts exists. I definitely recommend BLG to others!

Lia L.

My husband sponsored me and our children but was refused because of medical admissibility concerns of our youngest son and misrepresentation. I’m about to lose hope until I heard about the great news about Bellissimo.

After almost 5 years of waiting, finally, we will be reunited in Canada. There aren’t words to say how grateful we are to you for helping us obtain the best possible outcome.

Thank you so much to Mr. Mario Bellisimo and Mr. John Wigle but most especially to Ms. Keely Anderson for your kindness and patience. God Bless your team! Firm Highly recommended!

Darleen A.

“We came to Canada thinking that becoming permanent residents was almost impossible under our circumstances. Staff and lawyers of Bellissimo Law Group provided us with an outstanding support from the first moment we established contact with them until we finally became permanent residents, which is literally a miracle. The level of professionalism demonstrated by the firm is second to none. We were given legal advice bearing in mind that we are people of a certain age. Empathy was always part of the way in which our case was approached. We would recommend this firm to anybody who needs legal support tailored to the individual case no matter how complex that case might be. Thank you for everything you have done for us and we sincerely say this from the bottom of our hearts.”

Elisabeta & Dashamir H.

“I came to Canada on a Student Visa in order to obtain my Masters of Law degree. I got a job as soon as I graduated from the University. I initially had no intentions of staying in Canada, but life and work were so great. I love living in this city! I thought about becoming a permanent resident, so I looked for a lawyer and came across an article published by Mario Bellissimo. I liked it so I contacted his law firm. As a lawyer myself, I realized that I was dealing with professional lawyers and staff. They helped me through the whole process and at all times I felt they were there for me. I finally got my passport back with my permanent residency visa. I just need to make a small trip out of Canada to re-enter again as a landed immigrant. No more work permit renewals! I am so happy and so grateful. Congratulations to such a marvellous team!”

Alexandra Alvarado-Bowen, LL.B, LL.M

“We received a letter on Friday 26th 2010 from immigration – Buffalo stating that our application for permanent residence in Canada is now complete and that we must now send our passports to them. We would just like to thank you and all your staff for all that you have done for us in getting our PERMANENT RESIDENCY.”

S Van Leeuwen

“Due to a criminal conviction some years ago, I found myself ineligible to enter Canada to take up a new job. Mario Bellissimo and his team ably and efficiently helped myself and my partner to prepare an application for temporary residency in Canada, as well as applications for work permits, a process that was significantly more complex than we initially expected. The expertise and knowledge of Mr. Bellissimo proved invaluable to our case, as did his ability to intervene directly on our behalf with CIC staff and offices. As a result of the hard work of Mr. Bellissimo and his staff, we were granted permission to enter and work in Canada, and have since both taken up exciting new positions here in Canada. We were extremely pleased with the service we received from all at Ormston, Bellissimo, Rotenberg.”

Dr. Ian Ross, Victoria, B.C

“My husband was being deported and they told us we had only two weeks to stop the deportation. Ormston Bellissimo Rotenberg stopped the deportation and we are very happy and grateful.”

Claudia N.

“Dear Mr Bellissimo, maybe you remember us. We had a telephone consulting from you sometimes last year. We are here on a work permit and our PR was still pending, when my wife got cancer. In the meantime she had a surgery and treatment in Switzerland (in Canada she may not have survived!!) and we had to send in twice an update on the medical report. The last one was that good, that we finally got granted the PR for the whole family. We just wanted to update you and thank you for the advice you gave us at the time. We are very happy that we could handle everything so smooth and will definitely recommend you to other immigrants should we hear about a similar case.”

Luebke F.

“My partner and I moved to Canada in 2006 with a professional job and the intent to immigrate; as same-sex partners of US and European nationality, we were extremely limited in the nations that would accept us as a family. With an almost perfect score on the Points, a professional job in hand, and skills in a shortage industry we took it for granted that approval of our permanent residency application would be proforma. Unfortunately the medical exam led to a conclusion of medical inadmissibility based on cost; we faced being evicted from Canada and forced to separate after nearly 20 years together. We were referred to Mario, met with him and proceeded down a far-from-certain path towards a Temporary Residency with possibility of something better in the future. As we developed our submittal it became more and more apparent that the initial ruling was ill-considered and that we had a valid case for PR. Working with us, Mario and Keely assembled an extremely strong PR application refuting the medical assessment and demonstrating our financial and professional contribution to our Province and to Canada. In September 2010 we were approved for permanent residency with no further question or process. We had no “Plan B’ for staying together if Canada had rejected us. Mario and Keely gave us our life back and we are now planning a long and happy future in Canada.”