Inadmissibility Testimonials

Someone recommended to me two immigration law firms in Toronto. I hired one of them, then fired them a few days later when they showed themselves to be scrarily incompetent. Then I hired Bellissimo Law Group. I’m a lawyer myself, and I’m not easy to please, but I was impressed with how knowledgeable and efficient they are. In particular, they informed me of an important 2017 change in the law, something the other law firm didn’t mention. This episode reminded me that it matters which lawyers you choose. I would recommend Bellissimo Law Group.

Ken A.

Thanks Keely Anderson for professionally handling our medical inadmissibility case. Bellissimo law group is specialized in handling medical admissibility cases and Keely in particular was very cooperative in managing our case and responding to all our queries in time . Thanks a lot for being so cooperative and will always recommend everyone to connect with Bellissimo law group seeking professional advice. After getting disappointed from many law firms I contacted Bellissimo for my sister case and after our initial discussion, I was very much confident that this case is now in safe hands and I was hopeful that we will get through with the help of this law firm and finally we got a positive response in one and half year time. Thanks Keely and best of luck.

Omar Naeem

family and I are really grateful with Bellissimo Law Group especially to Keely Anderson for all the assistance that she has extended to us. I was under the Caregiver Program and was sponsoring my spouse and my two children for permanent residence. My husband was diagnosed with a disease that is inadmissible due to likely causing an excessive demand. We have already received the refusal letter when I approached Bellissimo Law Group. A friend has recommended the law office as she has read good reviews online. Keely has been my advisor since day 1 and has been exceptionally patient with me and efficient in provinding me with all the information that I need. Her assistance with this whole immigration ordeal.
My spouse and my two children have beed issued a visa and I will be reunited with them soon. Thank you Bellissimo Law Group!


Thanks to the efforts of Keely Anderson, Roxana Lungu and their associates my ARC application was approved and I am now able to return to Canada. There is no doubt in my mind that without their professional assistance the process would have been much longer and more daunting than it was due mainly to the extremely complicated nature of Canadian Immigration law. Their extensive knowledge of the law and how it works is invaluable to say the least, and their efficient and timely handling of my case is deeply appreciated!

Greg P.

Amazing team. If you want results, efficiency and professionalism, look no further. Extremely happy with the service I received. A++

Navid S.

The firm worked on my application to sponsor my parents which was complicated due to my Dad being diagnosed with MS. The work done by Ms. Anderson, M. Bellissimo and the rest of the legal team was extremely detailed and thorough and they were very efficient and easy to work with throughout the process. I recently heard that my parents will indeed be granted their PR and so we are very pleased we selected Bellissimo Law Group to represent us.

Elaine A.

We have been working with Bellissimo Law Group for almost 7 years for different cases and it was always a success.The last case was an inadmissibility for my father due to his former work at a government organization. Finally he just got a TRP and is able to visit Canada.You cannot imaging how happy we are! After 7 years of battling, lots of thoughts if we made a right decision to move to Canada, and buckets of tears due to family separation, our beloved father and grandfather can finally come to Canada. Thank you so-so-so-so much to Mr. Bellissimo personally and to your whole team for helping us in this matter of our life! We really appreciate your perseverance and thoughtfulness in our case! You made it personal. Thank you.

Andrey R.

Highly recommended! Extremely professional! Perfect Adherence to good ethics. Wow! This is the best organization i have ever seen nor heard handling such cases with 100% quality and assurance of success. Thanks to Keely Anderson and her team and to BLG at large. I will personally recommend BLG to anyone who needs their services.


Thank you for the excellent efforts in turning around my mother’s Medical inadmissibility situation. At the start, I was not 100% sure if the money being spent was worth this effort but I guess your team put up a convincing package together with all the facts and here we are with an approval..!! Great Job.

Ravinder R.

I would like to Thank Mrs .Keely and her team for wonderful job my permanent residency application. They worked really hard our complicated case because my sons medical inadmissible background. It was take only 10 month get the positive decision when submitted fairness letter. We understand that was not easy . Your team were absolutely amazing. They were Always quick to respond to all our questions. We are appreciate all of your hard work.I highly recommend mrs Keely and her team in Bellissimo law group to others who are looking to become permanent residents in hard situations.Thank you again for our life , specially my sons future making bright and happy. Now we are so happy.We greatly appreciate what you have done. Finally our dream came true. Thank you so much Bellissimo law group.!!!

Wijayani and Eranda family