Our Recent Immigration Success Stories

At Bellissimo Immigration Law Group PC, we are privileged to work on behalf of many wonderful people, companies and associations. We represent immigration applicants from far outside Canada, from the time they step foot into the country’s airport waiting rooms all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Our immigration clients often tell us after their case is concluded that it would have helped to know of similar stories that are real and not just what you hear on the street. So every month, we post a few stories to celebrate our immigration success stories and offer some comfort to those who will soon embark on a similar journey…

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8 Mar 2024

Post-Graduate Work Permit Approved under A Public Policy

Our client approached us for a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) application upon completing his bachelor’s degree. He had studied over half of his program outside Canada and had been refused twice for study permit extensions. Despite COVID-related travel restrictions allowing for distance learning abroad to count towards a PGWP’s length, our client continued studying remotely beyond the permissible period set by IRCC, mostly while lacking a valid study permit.

Following extensive research on the PGWP eligibility criteria and a thorough assessment of our client’s circumstances, we determined that he was eligible for a three-year PGWP under a recently released public policy. We then prepared the application diligently, ensuring that forms were accurately completed, his immigration history was fully disclosed, and all mandatory documents were included, in addition to crafting legal submissions to accompany the application. After a few months, the application was approved, and our client was granted a 3-year PGWP. We were very delighted to share the long-awaited good news with our client and wish him all the best!

23 Feb 2024

Success at Federal Court leads to Permanent Residency

We were initially approached by our clients, a family, who were refused their application for permanent residence based on humanitarian and compassionate (H&C) grounds. We assisted in challenging the refusal to the Federal Court, conducting research and carefully crafting legal arguments to explain why the Officer’s decision was unreasonable and should be set aside. After the matter was granted leave and a hearing was scheduled, the Department of Justice, who represented the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, offered to settle and send the application back for redetermination without proceeding to a full Judicial Review hearing! 

The clients then retained us to assist with the redetermination of their H&C application. After many months of patiently waiting and appropriately timed follow ups, we were ecstatic when our clients were invited to confirm their permanent residence from within Canada. We are so thrilled that they have finally become permanent residents in Canada, and that we were able to assist them in achieving this goal despite their initial refusal. We wish them all the best as they continue their lives in Canada! 

14 Feb 2024

Overcoming Adversity: Victory in In-Canada Spousal Sponsorship Application

We assisted a family with an in-Canada Spousal Sponsorship (ICC) application in responding to a Procedural Fairness letter concerning both a history of criminal convictions overseas and a failure to disclose that history. With this matter, it was therefore necessary to address two types of inadmissibility: criminality and misrepresentation. If these two inadmissibilities were decided by IRCC, it would not only have led to a refusal of the application but also found the applicant inadmissible, resulting in a ban on the family from reapplying for a period of five years. Therefore, in our response, we included a rehabilitation application to address the criminal history together with submissions advocating for an exemption from misrepresentation. We were most pleased when IRCC approved the application six months later.

26 Jan 2024

Protecting Permanent Resident Status in IRCC Misrepresentation Investigation

We were recently successful in presenting our client’s circumstances to IRCC, who invited our client for an interview as part of IRCC’s investigation into the genuineness of our client’s marriage (based on which our client had obtained their permanent resident status in Canada). The IRCC officer, in their communication, advised that they had concerns that our client (whom we did not previously assist with any immigration matter) may have misrepresented their marital status at the time of landing in Canada, and if so determined, they would be found inadmissible to Canada. We worked extensively with our client to collect documents evidencing that their marriage to their ex-spouse was, in fact, genuine (relying on the test established by jurisprudence). Our office also presented an explanation with extensive evidence in support that some documents that one is generally expected to have were not available for reasons beyond our client’s control and despite their best efforts to collect them.

We were very happy to hear that after our written submissions and IRCC’s interview with our client, the officer decided not to take any further action against our client and their permanent resident status was not jeopardized.