Our Recent Immigration Success Stories

At BLG we are privileged to work on behalf of many wonderful people, companies and associations. We represent immigration applicants from far outside Canada from the time they step foot into the country’s airport waiting rooms all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Our immigration clients often tell us after their case is concluded it would have helped to know of similar stories that are real and not just what you hear on the street. So every month we post a few stories to celebrate our immigration success stories and offer some comfort to those who will soon embark on a similar journey…

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22 Feb 2022

This Week’s Success Story: Couple Reunited in Canada

We were retained by a couple living across the world from each other, who wanted to reunite and spend their lives together in Canada. We assisted in preparing an Application for Permanent Residence supported by an Application to Sponsor and Sponsorship Undertaking by our client’s spouse in Canada and awaited a response from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

When we received the decision, we were ecstatic to learn that our client’s application was approved and in such a short period of time. We are thrilled to have been able to achieve this excellent result and be a part of their journey. We were recently notified that our client landed in Canada and her and her spouse are starting to build their lives together. We wish them the very best!

26 Jan 2022

This Week’s Success Story: Overcoming Criminality and Misrepresentation Leads to Spousal Sponsorship Success!

We are pleased to share a recent success on a particularly difficult case. We prepared an overseas spousal sponsorship application, for a Canadian residing overseas, which also involved two separate inadmissibilities, first for criminality and also for prior misrepresentations. We worked together with the sponsor and applicant to prepare a comprehensive and compelling package, which took considerable time, although the investment was well worth it. The applicant’s applications and exemption was granted, allowing the couple to reunite permanently in Canada, in under 14 months from filing the application with IRCC.

14 Jan 2022

This Week’s Success Story: Settlement Reached at the Federal Court

We were retained by a client who had been unsuccessful with her permanent residence application to file an Application for Leave and for Judicial Review to challenge the refusal. We carefully analyzed her file and developed in depth legal arguments to support our position. Our arguments were successful and our client was granted a Judicial Review hearing. Before proceeding to the hearing, the Department of Justice, representing the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, agreed to settle our client’s case, set aside the refusal and re-open our client’s permanent residence application, without proceeding with a hearing! We are very pleased we could achieve this result for our client.

13 Dec 2021

This Week’s Success Story: Success at the Immigration Appeal Division!

We were approached by a family who were facing an uphill battle after his application to sponsor his wife and son was refused. Our clients were not ready to give up and decided to appeal this decision to the Immigration Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. After identifying the key issues in the refusal, lengthy submissions and extensive preparation, our clients finally had their hearing. We were thrilled when the Member granted their appeal, allowing the continued processing of their application.

We are overjoyed that we have been able to achieve this result for our clients and hope they are reunited in the near future!