Our Recent Immigration Success Stories

At BLG we are privileged to work on behalf of many wonderful people, companies and associations. We represent immigration applicants from far outside Canada from the time they step foot into the country’s airport waiting rooms all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Our immigration clients often tell us after their case is concluded it would have helped to know of similar stories that are real and not just what you hear on the street. So every month we post a few stories to celebrate our immigration success stories and offer some comfort to those who will soon embark on a similar journey…

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10 Aug 2022

This Week’s Success Story: Bringing Tech Talents from the United States through the Global Talent Stream

A boutique company in CRM services and solutions contacted us to inquire about options of bringing in a tech talent from the United States to work at their office in Canada. With less than 5 years of operations since its establishment, the company has grown substantially and become an industry leader in providing cutting edge solutions in CRM needs. The foreign worker was on a H-1B visa in the US. Through an initial consultation, our business immigration lawyer discussed with the Canadian employer about the urgency of filling the position, relevant program requirements, as well as employer compliance under the Global Talent Stream (“GTS”). Upon retained, we worked closely with the employer in preparing the GTS application for the position of Information Systems Analyst, which was submitted on behalf of the company. An interview with the officer from Service Canada was scheduled shortly after the application was submitted. The GTS application was approved within one week. We are very glad about the timely approval, which expedites the process of bringing the foreign skilled worker to Canada.

11 Jul 2022

This Week’s Success Story: Tackling Labor Shortage with Successful LMIA Applications

A Canadian-based multinational company contacted us to inquire about how to employ foreign workers due to ongoing labour shortage in the mining industry. The company specializes in surface drilling with global operations in over 10 countries. Despite continuous efforts in recruiting and retaining local employees, it has more projects underway than it can undertake and as such is in urgent need of additional employees to staff up the drilling teams in different positions. Our experienced business immigration lawyer analyzed the business needs and discussed different options with the Canadian employer. After diligently preparing the applications, we submitted a high-wage Labour Market Impact Assessment (“LMIA”) and low-wage LMIA application on behalf of the company for two different positions. Both LMIA applications were approved within one month. We were very pleased with the timely approval of the two applications!

16 May 2022

This Week’s Success Story: Deportation Prevented!

Our office was recently retained to respond to a Procedural Fairness Letter issued by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) from a client who had incurred a criminal conviction potentially rendering him criminally inadmissible to Canada.

In consideration of the client’s personal and family circumstances as well as his path to rehabilitation, we prepared a comprehensive submission package, supported by the law, advocating that the s.44 report should not be referred to the Immigration Division. CBSA positively considered the arguments put forth by our office, and decided to not proceed with the s.44 referral or deportation action, providing our client with a warning letter instead.

2 May 2022

Another Federal Court Success: H&C Application Refusal Set Aside by the Federal Court

We were approached by a client who had received a refusal of their permanent residence application based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds (“H&C application”). We assisted in initiating an Application for Leave and for Judicial Review to challenge the refusal at the Federal Court of Canada. After thoroughly reviewing the file, as well as the Officer’s notes for the decision, we carefully crafted legal arguments to explain why the decision was unfair and unreasonable. After reviewing our written submissions, the Court granted Leave to have an oral hearing.

At the hearing, we highlighted for the Court the areas of the decision which demonstrated the Officer’s reasoning was in error and inconsistent with the law, including that the Officer did not properly assess our client’s noted inadmissibility, the entire reason H&C was being sought in the first place. While the Judge did not make a decision at the hearing, we were pleased to receive the decision a few months later, as the Judge ultimately accepted our arguments and agreed to set the refusal of our client’s H&C application aside, and ordered Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (“IRCC”) to assign a new Officer to re-determine and make a new decision on the application. We are very happy to have been able to assist our clients in achieving this result, and we wish them all the best!